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Steven Toth was born in Budapest Hungary in 1951.  His interest in art was evident at a very early age.  During the mid 1960’s Toronto established an independent School for Fine Arts.  He was one of the students in the schools foundation, whose main focus was the fine arts.

Upon graduation Steven enrolled at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario, his main studies were illustration and painting.  York University established the first degree for Fine Arts in the late 1960’s whose faculty included Ron Bloore, Dennis Burton, Claude Breeze and Vera Frankel.

Steven became a student there in 1972; leaving numerous occasions during this time to explore the different styles and techniques offered by other schools. He studied in Europe, at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, the Budapest Museum School of Fine Arts as well as the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.

Steven’s early influence was the European classical period of art- works by Rembrandt, and Vermeer as well as the Impressionists and modern artists such as Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, and Graham Coughtry.  The varied techniques and subject matter of these artists greatly influenced Steven’s works.

The combination of different materials, metals, gold leaf, acrylics and collages eventually led to his Pyramid series.  These creative works incorporated the use of numerous mediums and techniques apllied around a three-sided Pyramid motif.  This period of work culminated in the late 1980’s.  His works were included in various corporate and private collections through out North America and Europe.

Toth’s ongoing research into the use of varied materials and methods of application is  best represented in his latest series, the Kimono Landscape.  These  creative works incorporate familiar materials used in the past. Metals, gold leaf and mixed media are still widely used, but now,  handmade papers are included in part of the process.

The new works incorporate hand made Japanese papers aquired from around the world, creating soft and tactile three-dimensional collages in relief. The imagery and application of materials are meant to represent growth, harmony, and balance.  The flat service plane now becomes a sculpture and painting simultaneously, making the work truly unique.



1977   York University, Toronto, B.F.A. with honours

1973   Academia Art Florence, Italy

1972   National Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest

1971   School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1969   Sheridan College of Art & Design, Oakville



2012  Solo Exhibition – Fred Gallery, Halifax

2008, 2010  Group Show – Fred Gallery, Halifax

1988   Solo Exhibition – Bonnie Kagan Gallery, Toronto

1988   Bonnie Kagan Gallery, Toronto

1987   Bonnie Kagan Gallery, Toronto

Dalhousie University, Halifax

1986   Gallery 1667, Halifax

1983   Duke of Argyle Gallery, Halifax

1982   Zwickers Gallery, Halifax

1981   Gallery 1667, Halifax

1980   Gallery 1667, Halifax

1977   York University, Toronto

1975   National Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest



Bell Canada, Toronto

Ottawa University, Ottawa

AMASCO, Montreal

Swedwood Canada, Halifax

Volvo Canada, Halifax

Nova Scotia Art Bank

Carleton House, Larchmont, N.Y.

Petroff Architects, Unionville