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In these paintings I strive to convey Egyptian way of thought and methodology, how they relate to and influence modern technology and present day ideology. The qualities of timelessness, thought and objectivity, are represented by the use of gold leaf, sand and metals. Egyptians believed in a supreme omniscient guiding influencial power. The end result is the notion that time, thought and substance never really change, but that a continuous rebirth is taking place, reflected in the choice of materials and color.

Selected works from 1986 until 2005.



1.   13 Pharoahs   |   mixed media/ aluminum on canvas 48″ x 78″ wide

2.   Steven Toth   |   portrait of the artist

3.   Night Message   |  mixed media on canvas 32″ x 46″ wide

4.   Golden One   |   gold leaf acrylic on canvas 39″ x 55″ wide

5.   In Quest of the Self   |  copper/ mixed media on canvas 48″ x 56″ high

6.   Riding the Quest   |  mixed media on canvas 51″ x 70″ wide

7.   5th Pyramid   |   gold leaf on canvas 48″ x 62″ high

8.   Cutting a Hole in your Soul   |   aluminum sheet on canvas 50″ x 78″ wide (3″ deep)

9. Egyptian Landscape   |  aluminum/ copper/ mixed media on canvas 48″ x 62″ high

(This entire series has been sold.)